With over 50 preserves, the Middlesex Land Trust has preserved more than 1000 acres of natural land in northern Middlesex County.T

The Land Trust is currently working on a new Preserve Mapping Project with the goal of mapping our preserves and making location and trail maps available online.

Some of our maps are also on our Preserves page:

Palmer Taylor Preserve, Portland

Union Hill Preserve, Cobalt

Highland Pond Preserve, Middletown

Collins Preserve, Portland

Sellew Preserve, East Hampton

Abe Temkin Preserve, Portland

Benson Preserve, Middletown

Bourgoin Preserve, East Hampton

Caplin Preserve, Portland

Brainerd Quarry Preserve, Haddam Neck

Spiderweed Preserve, Middletown

These maps are currently in the works:

Leaska-Pearson Preserve, Middletown

Cassa Preserve, Middletown

South Farms Jackson Preserve, Middletown

South Farms Lyceum Preserve, Middletown

Harris Preserve, Middletown

Longworth Preserve, Middletown

Pecausett Meadow West, Portland

Pecausett Meadows East, Portland

Cobalt Landing, Portland

Gen. John Hoar Preserve, Portland

Coginchaug Quarry, Durham

Holmgren Preserve, East Hampton

Parmelee Brook Preserve, Durham

Caslow Preserve, Middletown

Mica Ledges Preserve, Durham

Marino Preserve, Middletown

Rabbit Brook Preserve, Portland

Christopher Brook Preserve, East Hampton

Carlson Preserve, Portland

Upper Pine Brook Preserve, East Hampton

Pine Brook Falls Preserve, East Hampton

Pine Brook Ledges Preserve, East Hampton

Kelsey Farms, Middletown

Okumsett Preserve, Portland

King Preserve, Middletown

Hill Preserve, East Hampton

Sklodosky Preserve, East Hampton

Oak Ledges Preserve, Portland

Trebert Preserve, Middletown

Solonia Preserve, Middletown

Pocotopaug Preserve, East Hampton

Stewart Brook Preserve, Portland

Sterry Preserve, Portland

Rattlesnake Brook, Portland

Kruger Preserve, Haddam Neck

Luby Conservation Easement

Boardman Preserve, Middletown

Great Hill Pond Preserve, Portland

Shailor Ledges Preserve, Middletown

Cedar Meadows Preserve, Portland

Wells Landing, East Hampton

Here are some of our older maps, though please beware: trails may have changed, moved or disappeared completely.

Sumner Brook Corridor, Middletown

Mica Ledges Preserve, Durham & Madison

Pecausett Meadows Preserves, Portland