Ehren Meisinger / Gary Meisinger

Announcing the Meshomasic Rattlesnake Brook Preserve Project

Middlesex Land Trust is pleased to announce that we have launched the acquisition of a 147-acre property that abuts our existing 9-acre Rattlesnake Brook Preserve and borders the Meshomasic State Forest in the towns of Portland and East Hampton. Since Rattlesnake Brook runs through the entire property, we have named it Meshomasic Rattlesnake Brook Preserve. 

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The Middlesex Land Trust’s mission is to preserve open space in Northern Middlesex County by identifying, protecting, and maintaining significant natural features such as wetlands, scenic areas, critical wildlife habitats, prime farmland, and unique geological formations. The Land Trust accepts donations of property, as well as conservation easements, to ensure that these lands remain in open space for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

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Photo Courtesy of Chris Graham Photography