2024 Membership Drive

As the trees bud and flowers bloom in Middlesex County, we’re reminded of the vibrant ecosystems within our reach: forests, wetlands, and meadows that are the very heart and lungs of our community. These natural landscapes provide crucial habitats for wildlife, purify our air and water, and offer unparalleled opportunities for recreation and education.

But we’re also faced with increasing threats to these precious resources. Development, invasive species, and the impacts of climate change pose significant challenges to the preservation of our county’s natural beauty and ecological health. Our mission, powered by your support, has never been more critical.

We’ve made remarkable strides in conservation in the last year, expanding protected lands, enhancing wildlife habitats, and improving public access for education and enjoyment. With every acre we protect, we’re not only preserving the environment but also reinforcing the values of community, resilience, and stewardship that define us. 

Invest in the future of our planet. Join or renew your membership today.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Graham Photography

The Middlesex Land Trust’s mission is to preserve open space in Northern Middlesex County by identifying, protecting, and maintaining significant natural features such as wetlands, scenic areas, critical wildlife habitats, prime farmland, and unique geological formations. The Land Trust accepts donations of property, as well as conservation easements, to ensure that these lands remain in open space for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.