Why is it important to protect ecologically valuable land in our community?

Middlesex County is home to a variety of forests, wetlands, and meadows. These lands provide important habitats for wildlife, clean air and water, and opportunities for recreation and education.

Unfortunately, Middlesex County is also facing a number of threats to its natural resources, including development, invasive species, and climate change. We are working hard to acquire this land and place it in permanent conservation protection.

Your donation will help to ensure that future generations can enjoy Middlesex County’s natural beauty.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Graham Photography

The Middlesex Land Trust’s mission is to preserve open space in Northern Middlesex County by identifying, protecting, and maintaining significant natural features such as wetlands, scenic areas, critical wildlife habitats, prime farmland, and unique geological formations. The Land Trust accepts donations of property, as well as conservation easements, to ensure that these lands remain in open space for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.