We had a remarkable turnout at our recent cleanup at Kruger Preserve. On the far side of the Eversource right-of-way is a lovely trail with little evidence of trash or overcrowding by invasives. But the trail from the corner of the street-side field to the Eversource right-of-way was so choked and crowded with invasives that it was getting difficult for our volunteer to mow.

We started on the left side of the trail, cutting and removing the invasives. We created a brush pile in the field that was eventually burned with the help of Jim McHutchinson and Middle Haddam Fire Department.

Over the past two years, with the efforts of Matt, Rob, Ken, Steve, Jim McHutchinson, and the Middle Haddam Neckers, Allison and John, Chantal, Val, Doug, and several others, we cleared more of the trail side, revealing several piles of old tires and various large pieces of scrap metal.

There were enough tires to fill a 30 CU yard dumpster.

The trailhead is now much easier to maintain, and attractive and inviting to hikers. We have a long way to go, but now we can encourage the remaining native plant species to grow while we think about what to plant along the trail to deter the rapid return of the invasives.

Some of the newer members of the Stewardship group joined us on our last big workday October of this year, including Erika and Alix. Thanks also to the MxLT Board of Directors for providing the resources and support necessary to do the job.

Many thanks to John L., Alex, Larry, Robb, Doug B, Matt, and Jeff for lifting tires, tires, tires, heavy metal objects, and more tires into two large dumpsters! Our Kruger neighbor Jim W. was also there to supervise and provide moral support, and Jim M. helped as the gatekeeper.