In the past year the Middlesex Land Trust has preserved four new parcels of land for the passive recreation and enjoyment of present and future generations. These preserves, totaling over 90 acres combined, are located in Middletown (56 acres), Portland (27 acres) and East Hampton (8 acres).

Two of the preserves are east of the CT River: the Cedar Meadows Preserve is on Penfield Hill Road in Portland, and Union Hill the new East Hampton preserve is just down Rt 156 from the Rt 66 intersection in Cobalt. We hope you will check them out as we build trails and work to improve them for use over the next few seasons.

The two preserves in Middletown are at opposite ends of town – about as far apart as can be and still be in Middletown. These include the Boardman Preserve to the North, which this year was expanded by 34 acres (for a total of 88 acres), and a 22 acre parcel in the Maromas region – our first preserve in that far southeastern area of Middletown – called Shailer Ledges! There will be more on Maromas in our future, so keep an eye out to learn more about the new Shailer Ledges Preserve and the area called “Middletown’s Last Great Place”.

Emilie, a Wesleyan GIS Student helping out at the Shailer Ledges Preserve