The land trust would like to express our thanks to the local businesses that have assisted our stewardship efforts over the past season. Thanks to THE PAINT SPOT of Cromwell who provided exterior concrete paint at cost for our work crews to cover over some recent graffiti. And thanks to the HUBERT E. BUTLER CONST. COMPANY for donating the cost of several deliveries of trail materials to our trail crews at the Palmer Taylor Preserve. And a big thank you to Len Suzio, from SUZIO YORK HILL of Meriden, for contributing several tons of gravel for use at MLT’s signature Highland Pond Preserve.

Thank you for supporting the land trust. Your freely given donations and in kind services help MLT to continue to care for and preserve the precious land resources we have in Northern Middlesex County. Without assistance from local businesses, it would be far more difficult. It’s great to know you have our back. Thank you!