Thank you for your continued support of the Middlesex Land Trust. 

Like you, we have continued to forge ahead, despite 2020 being such a tough year for everyone. Our Stewardship crews posted 457 socially distanced hours last year working to care for our preserves, while our board and committee volunteers pursued land acquisition prospects and actively strengthening our organization.

In addition to acquiring and protecting open space in perpetuity (forever) to create and expand our own preserves, we also work with our conservation partners to conserve even more of the natural lands across northern Middlesex County. The Land Trust teams with foundations, local governments, and federal agencies to assist landowners through the preservation process, stepping in when needed to quickly and quietly acquire at-risk open space that we hold until our partners can take ownership.

In addition to our purchase of 4 acres of open space, in 2020, the Land Trust worked with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to acquire and protect almost 90 more acres of land, which were then transferred to expand the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge.

Your donations make it possible to further our mission: Preserving sensitive habitats, green corridors, and forestlands for native wildlife, as well as protecting valuable uplands, wetlands, and stream buffers to filter and preserve the freshwater habitats that feed into the Connecticut River.

As a member-supported volunteer organization, we depend on your support.

The growing urgency of global climate change and the increased recreational use of Connecticut’s open space continue to highlight the importance of our work: To protect more open space and to provide access to natural lands for everyone, for generations to come.

If you have already joined or contributed – thank you! You are the reason that the Middlesex Land Trust is what it is today.

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We understand COVID-19 has made it a financially challenging time for many. If the only gift you can make this year is one to a nonprofit that is working on the front lines, then please, make that gift and then follow this link to find out how you can renew your 2021 membership for free.

David Brown
Executive Director

Stuart Winquist
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The Middlesex Land Trust’s mission is to preserve open space in Northern Middlesex County by identifying, protecting, and maintaining significant natural features such as wetlands, scenic areas, critical wildlife habitats, prime farmland, and unique geological formations.  The Land Trusts accepts donations of property as well as conservation easements to ensure that these lands remain in open space for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.