Mike and Cochise at the Wolf Talk

Mixing wildlife, environment and education – wonder was brought to Portland’s Riverfront Pavilion last August in the form of a wolf named Cochise.

Long time Middlesex Land Trust member John LeShane brought together five not-for-profit partner organizations to cosponsor a Wolf Talk Educational Program presented by Michael LeBlanc. And Mike brought along his organizations beautiful female ambassador wolf: Cochise.

The land trust, combining resources with the Mashamasic Hiking Club, the Brownstone Quorum, Mattabeseck Audubon and the Portland Historical Society, brought the Wolf Talk Educational Program from Massachusetts to the Riverfront Pavilion where the hundred or so folks who attended, both young and old, got to learn about wolves in the wild – and were delighted to meet Cochise up close. While Cochise did not seem overly happy to be so displayed, Mike shared his immense knowledge and experience with great enthusiasm about both free roaming and captive wolves. Mike spoke from experience having worked with wolves for 35 years, and his talk focused on the eating habits, pack structure and wolf behavior in the wild. Furs, skulls and other items from the forest were also on display, and many questions were asked and answered. Fun was had by all!

Check out Wolf Talk on the web at: www.wolftalk.net