Before the one snowstorm of the season, so far, we were at the Palmer Taylor Preserve to do some bridge repairs.

How do you repair a bridge with no experience? With the power of pump jacks, batteries, saws, and of the mind.

Super kudos to Larry and Robb for their reconnaissance ahead of our work party to provide a grocery list of tools and hardware needed.

We hand-hauled in everything we needed: drills, saws of all kinds, hardware to attach 2×10, pump jacks, wrenches, and anything else needed so we didn’t want to walk back to our vehicles mid-work. It was one of the more technical work parties and there was much discussion on where and how to get the jacks leveled so the bridge didn’t move! Next up were washers and 3″ screws and then carriage bolts and thank goodness for the adjustable wrenches Larry brought. Robbs’s little saw that could helped cut 2×4 for the pump jacks and Jeff’s brawn installing carriage bolts.

Lastly, tightening everything to then see how our 3.5 hours would work when we released the pump jacks.